The Love of Clothes and Nakedness

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הוצאת ספרים: Sivan

Karen Alkalay-Gut's mobile past - her birth in London, England near the end of the aerial assaults, her emigration to the United States with her family in 1948, and her immigration to Israel in 1972 - has influenced her poetry. Her education in English poetry, as well as her background in Yiddish and Hebrew, has contributed as well to the understanding that life can be experienced on numerous levels at once. She has written on numerous subjects and worked in countless media, including multimedia, of course. She has participated in CDs with jazz pianists, rock groups, and alternative music groups. Her most recent disk is A Different Story with Panic Ensemble. She has also written many poems for t-shirts, jackets, underwear and public toilets. Including all the translations of her work into Hebrew and Italian. The Love of Clothes and Nakedness is s a book of poems about shopping, dressing and undressing.