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הוצאת ספרים: Am Oved Publishers

This colourful story, based on autobiographical experiences, tells of a group of immigrant youngsters from Iraq, Romania, Morocco and Poland who came to Israel in the 1950s. Living and studying on a kibbutz, their shocking encounters with this new way of life turn into a conflict between two cultures, East and West. The events described in this absorbing novel portray a time of great change in the values of Israeli society - a change that left a deep impression on Israeli life and produced the anger and protest which resulted in the social and political revolutions of the 1970s and 80s. Readers who have moved from one society to another - be it country to country or culture to culture - or have ever felt like outsiders, will find themselves in this novel. Scapegoat, first published in Hebrew, has been a best-seller in Israel and was awarded the Youth Aliya Prize for Literature and the Jewish World Literature Prize from Mexico.