Ajusting Sights

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הוצאת ספרים: Toby Press

A lightly fictionalized biography written in a style reminiscent of S.Y. Agnon, Ajusting sights is not a book about religion, politics, or the rights and wrongs of war, but rather, it’s a story about the personal experiences of a 19-year old man who has to adjust not only the sights of his gun, but also his understanding of the world in which he lives.

The author, Haim Sabato, descends from a long line of rabbis from Aleppo, Syria. He was born in Egypt but moved to Israel with his family when he was six. He served in the tank corps in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and today heads a Yeshiva near Jerusalem. ADJUSTING SIGHTS was a runaway bestseller in Israel, and won the prestigious Sapir Prize for Literature. It is his second book.

Ajusting sights was translated into English by a leading Israeli translator, Hillel Halkin. Halkin is also a journalist and author.