Simple Happy Kitchen / Miki Mottes

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Plant-based lifestyles are now more popular than ever,
spreading far beyond the vegan and vegetarian communities.

The problem: There’s so much confusing information everywhere…
The solution: the SIMPLE HAPPY KITCHEN book!

This illustrated guide is packed with humorous and engaging illustrations designed to deliver all the information you and your family need to enjoy this lifestyle. Join Pedro Almondovar (a roasted almond) as he takes you through the wonderful world of plant-based nutrition, helping you take the first steps to a better, healthier, nutrient-filled, compassionate lifestyle.

The book takes boring, hard to understand research, that can sometimes feel overwhelming, and breaks it down using cheerful visuals. All information in the book clinically proved.

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Why go plant-based? • Why is it good for you? • How to understand the nutrition facts label? • Building a healthy shopping list • Guides for spices, oils, leafy greens, legumes and grains • Benefits of soaking and sprouting • Substitutes and plant-based milks • Planning your meals • Cooking and storing hacks • Guide for protein, iron, calcium, vitamins and minerals • Simple ways to increase minerals absorption • Making food fun for kids • Vegan lifestyle with kids • Cruelty-free shopping guide • Fun facts about animals • Checklists for going vegan • Easy to make meals • Tons of tips and ideas • And much more!

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